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Billboard Chart Information

ChartCriteriaUS Only
Billboard 200Album Physical Sales and StreamsYes
Billboard Hot 100Single Sales, Streams, and Radio PlayYes
World Digital Song SalesSingle Digital Sales for World genre songsYes
Digital Song SalesSingle Digital Sales - All GenresYes
Top Album SalesAlbum's Physical and Digital SalesYes
Radio SongsSingle Radio PlayYes
Billboard Global 200Single StreamsNo
Billboard Global 200 Excluding USSingle Streams outside of USNo

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Digital StoreBuy on DesktopBuy on Mobile
Amazon Download StoreYesNo

iTunes will be highest priority to buy from. If you are able to, please also buy from the other platforms.
DO NOT GIFT THE SONG OR ALBUM. It has been reported gifting albums and songs do not count for Billboard Charting because gifts are considered unsolicited.
Billboard will only count 1 copy per account FOR LIFE

Places to Buy Physical Albums from:

  • Hello82

  • Walmart

  • Barnes & Noble

  • Target

  • EvePink

We would prefer if you buy your albums from Hello82. Hello82 counts for both Hanteo and Gaon charts. You can only buy up to 4 albums at a time. If you buy more than that, your order will be invalid for BB charting.See all stores both physical and digital which report to BillboardHow Orders Can Be Marked As Duplicates
BB is filtering orders based on email, IP Address, Billing Address, and Shipping Address as if of 2024 for all stores. Please work with friends and family who live in different addresses from you if you want to buy more than 4 of a particular version of an album. This applies to both physicals and digitals. More Info
Physical Charting
Luminate tracks Online physicals from Tuesday - Monday. So if you want your album to count for Week 1. The album must be shipped or picked up by you by the Monday after CB Day. For in person buying, you can buy albums up til Thursday.

Streaming Platforms for Billboard:

YoutubeSpotifyApple Music
Amazon MusicDeezerPandora

Premium Streams count 3x as much as a free user. Please have Premium accounts set up for comeback. We recommend streaming on Youtube, Spotify, and Apple Music. On all platforms, you should be streaming the verified artist profile's music and not streaming fan uploaded music or videos.

MusicPremium StreamsFree Streams

You can use playlists on all platforms except on Youtube. For streaming on Youtube, we recommend streaming manually.

USA Radio Guide

How Can I Help Get Ateez radio play?Whenever you Shazam, stream, and buy Ateez's music, you are helping Ateez's metrics in your area. The better Ateez's streams are in a local area, the higher chance Ateez can be played in that area. It is also important to request their music at your local stations.How is radio play counted for charting?Radio Play is counted by audience impressions. This is not strictly how many people listened to the song, but how many people were tuned in over a 15 minute time period. The more people who are listening when a song is played, the higher the impressions are.How do impressions play into charting?Audience impressions for radio stations are typically much higher during the morning and afternoon hours versus at night. This is mainly because people tune into the radio when they are commuting to work or riding in the car. The time the song is played can make a big difference in terms of impressions.What is the tracking week for radio for Billboard Charing?Same as Billboard Tracking, it runs Friday - ThursdayWhich stations count towards Billboard Charting?Commercial radio stations in the top 140 metro areas of the US count towards charting. Online only radio stations and non-profit radio stations do not count towards Billboard radio charting.How can I find stations to request Ateez music to?You can use our master list to find a station close to your area (
Radio Master List )
If your local area is not listed, you can also go to Radio Locator to find Top 40 stations in your area.
When should I request?Ideally, you should request online if this is an option or by calling/texting into your local station when a live DJ is on. Check the website of your local radio station to figure out when they have live DJs.